The Saltiga range is set to shake up the world of Slow Jigging with these 4 futuristic rods. These rods are made from HVF carbon boosted by Daiwa x Toray nanotechnology. Make no mistake: when two Japanese manufacturers share their expertise, powerful, super fine rods are sure to follow. As well as offering exceptional finesse, these rods are finished with a discreet mix of cork and EVA. Saltiga Slow Jigging rods are ideal for fishing in deep water when fine braid is needed to cut through the current, thereby keeping your jigs perfectly straight.

Recommended braid: the 61B2 takes braid from PE #0.8 to #1.2, the 61B3 from PE#1.5 to #3.0, the 61B4 from PE#1 to PE#3 and the 61B5 from PE #1.2 to #3.

  • HVF (High Volume Fiber) Nanoplus carbon blank wrapped using x45 technology
  • One-piece
  • Fuji K SiC guides
  • FUJI PTS slit reel seat with Saltiga carbon ring
  • Carbon handle with cork/EVA inserts