Classic Shad Sets

The staple Classic Shad is now available in the best colours for pike, zander and perch. The pike set comes in two complementary colours - FireTiger and Urume - the first to incite predators and the other to imitate a 15cm prey. Comes with a 10g loaded head and a size 6/0 hook.
-The zander set comes in three colours - Pearl, Purple Ayu and FireTiger - which cover the majority of zander fishing situations. Comes with a 7.5g loaded head on a size 2/0 hook.

Finally, the perch set offers four softbaits in the same colours as the zander kit as well as Holo Orange. For the best results, match bright colours to murky water and low light, and natural colours to clear skies and open sky. The perch set comes with a 5g round loaded head and a size 1/0 hook.