PROREX Both craw

The Both Craw is an original softbait that can be put to many uses. The body houses a 9 gram high-density tungsten lead that makes casting easy, even with baitcasting gear. Its smaller size means it is able to get down through the surface layers even in swims with lots of cover. This means it can reach black bass in their most comfortable habitat. Its squat, flat body lends itself to tip-led animations which can make the lure twitch without breaking its natural, gliding motion. Ideal then for imitating a crawfish.

On the end of each claw there is a precut slit which can be activated by hand to create two undulating hooks on the retrieve -- ideal for a slower presentation. The slit on the back allows you to set up a perfectly balanced Texan rig wth a wide-gape offset hook. The ideal hool would be the Daiwa Basser WOS Worm Hook 3/0 (ref 16509030) with SaqSaq sharpening technology. Lures supplied in lots of 6.