Shoreline Vertice Shiner Z

The Shoreline Shiner Z series brings together a range of technical plugs designed for sea fishing. A formidable ally for targeting bass, these lures have been honed for all predators of similar size such as Atlantic bonito. Fitted with Owner T hooks, these lures come with integrated lips and a mass transfer system built around a stainless steel axis.


-Shoreline Shiner Z Vertice 80S

This sinking minnow is the smallest in the Shoreline Vertice range. On a slow retrieve, it will work through the first metre of water – where small prey are often chased by bass. An ideal lure for working through shallow sections of the foreshore.

-Diving depth: 30 to 80cm. Hooks: Owver ST-46#6

Shoreline Shiner Z Vertice 97F

This super shallow lure can be worked down to 80cm beneath the surface. Its buoyant density allows you to work it over risen rocks where other lures would get stuck. Retrieves at a slow speed with remarkable stability and a distinct rolling action – enough to fool a wary bass. This rolling motion is highly attractive. The stable centre of gravity means you can also use the lure for a fast retrieve. With a patented mass transfer system, this lure achieved an average casting distance of 62.5 and a maximum casting distance of 65.5m in tests carried out by the Daiwa team in Japan.

Diving depth: 30cm to 80cm. Hooks: Owner ST-46 #4

Shoreline Shiner Z Vertice 120F

This floating minnow (12cm) corresponds to the most common size of lure used for bass. Its stable centre of gravity allows you to optimise distance on the cast. It boasts a patented Silent Weight Oscillating Plus System which shifts the centre of gravity on the cast or on the retrieve by releasing a weight along a stainless steel axis. This motion is totally silent thanks to the HGS technology which holds the tungsten lead in place on the retrieve so as not to spook nearby bass. Diving depth: 30 to 120cm. Hooks: Owner ST-46 #5

Shoreline Shiner Z Vertice 140F et 140S

With their length of 14cm, these lures allow the transfer of tungsten mass to operate over an even longer axis. This means that the mass works up a greater speed allowing you to cast the lure out to 78m (74.5 for the floating model), the maximum distance achieved during our casting tests in Japan (the average was 72m). This lure is ideal for currents, taking on a distinct rolling action. The Shoreline Shiner Z 140 is available in floating (F) and sinking (S) models.

Diving depth of the 140F: 30 to 120cm; 140S: 50 to 140cm. Hooks: Owner ST-46 #4.