The Ballistic LT 2017 is a key feature of our LT (Light and Tough) era of reels. Anglers are always looking for an extra edge and demand tackle that is lighter than ever. Daiwa is leading the way, of course, pushing our own boundaries of high technology, handling pleasure and weight reduction.

The body and drive gear have been redesigned to reduce volume whilst increasing the lifespan of the Ballistic LT 2000 drive by 150% over the Ballistic 2000H. At the same time, LT models weigh in 50g lighter than the comparable non-LT reel!

The Ballistic LT's Aluminium Air Spool has been re-worked to reduce weight and the handle re-designed to save an additional 5g! The body is made from Zaion and the rotor from DS5 carbon. The Tough Digigear drive is reduced in diameter and the helicoidal teeth surgically cut to reduce thickness and bulk.

A technological marvel of a reel!

  • ATD drag technology, full-size drag button
  • Bearings: 6 + 1 including 1 CRBB
  • Zaion carbon body and DS5 carbon air rotor
  • Aluminium Air Spool
  • CrossWrap line lay
  • Ultralight one-piece unscrewable Air Handle in aluminium


  • Lighter
  • More robust