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Avant-garde power

The CERTATE has been recrafted with a monocoque aluminium body bringing its lightness and toughness to the apex of mechanical engineering.
The combination of the LT Concept and the Monocoque Body offers unprecedented lightness. The Monocoque body comes in a new compact design – giving the Certate LT 2019 a surreal compromise between minimalist design and the sensational power on the retrieve.
Light and Tough – isn’t this any angler’s ultimate dream? This LT concept has redefined the design of the Certate, with weight being shaved from every component. The ethos among our Daiwa Japan engineers has been to develop the very best Formula 1 by breaking the traditional compromise between lightness and durability. The Certate LT 2019 has been born.
The Monocoque build boasts an aluminium frame designed to resist torque and bending in a slim outline that optimises space for the drive and mech. The screw system has optimised space meaning the ratio of the size of the gear system to the volume of the body has been pushed to its technical limit. The higher-diameter drive gear now occupies 85% of the total space of the Monocoque body. This technology optimises the advantages of the LT Concept on both the weight and power fronts. The aluminium body Certate LT 2019 has been given a high-precision treatment and increased durability.
This gearing technology offers even smoother and longer-lasting rotation. Total handling pleasure as soon as you start winding: the slightest touch will set the rotor into action. The Tough Digigear drive has been designed by high-precision forging and digital tooling. This feat of engineering offers infinitely silent winding.
Anglers facing the coastal elements, spray, and other corrosive environments demand that reel performance is preserved no matter the circumstances. Daiwa have risen to this challenge by guaranteeing the total sealing of a rotating element – the rotor – against the body. This has been achieved by the application of our MagSealed oil, which is held in place by a magnetic field preventing the intrusion of any water or other impurities into the mech. The Certate LT 2019 boasts a Monocoque structure meaning there is no welding and no flanges – this only boosts the overall waterproofing of the reel. It’s also the reason MagSealed oil has been applied to the pinion and on the pick-up roller. The spool structure has been revised and refined to increase its impermeability compared to the previous series.

  • ATD drag technology
  • Bearings: 10 + 1 inc 10 CRBB
  • Aluminium Monocoque Body and ZAION Air Rotor
  • ABS Long Cast spool
  • Cross spire line lay
  • Ultralight screw-in Air Handle in monobloc aluminium
  • Supplied in a neoprene sleeve with mesh sides


  • Light
  • Tough
  • Sealed



The elimination of an anti-reverse release button further limits the potential for water infiltration as well as offering a weight gain. 


LC-ABS (Long Cast ABS)

The upper structure of the spool has been refined to limit line friction on the cast. Casting distances have been improved by 5% over the previous ABS II generation of technology.



Control on the fight is firmly in your hands once the fish has made its first run thanks to a unique drag technology. The disc drag system and the new technical grease applied to it brings greater grinding power to tame the fish – as well as the capacity to release line when the tension requires it. The fight is mastered and the risk of pulling out minimised. 


Zaion carbon Air Rotor 

The high-density carbon arch-shaped rotor sets to work at the slightest movement. Its aerodynamic design is accentuated by the micrometric cutting of the LT Concept for a lighter and smoother action than ever. 


Handle screwed into body

The aluminium handle has been screwed into the body with a new system that eliminates play on the drive gear, giving a better sensation and power on the retrieve. 


Monobloc Air Bail

The monobloc aluminium Air Bail is lighter and more compact – this design comes into its own for lighter work where sensitivity is called for. 


2 Bearing Twist Buster II Roller

By fine-tuning the positioning of the two CRBB ball bearings on the line roller, we have obtained a smoother line retrieve and an increased sensation of lightness. What’s more, the Twist Buster II technology optimises line lay whether you’re using braid, fluorocarbon or nylon.


Monobloc aluminium handle

This handle has been digitally tooled in a new shape that is even more torque resistant. The flattening on the side guarantees a more ergonomic hold and comfort even for the shortest periods of contact on the fight. The two CRBB bearings on the know guarantee perfect stability.


New generation line clip

The new shape of line clip has been designed to accommodate high-diameter line as well as fine braid. The horizontal design makes for a more space-efficient spool and contributes to the overall reduction in reel weight; when it comes to the top of our range, every last detail counts.