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Custom fighting knob

The Certate G LT customised Aluminium Round Knob (ARK) to complete its new aluminium monobloc body and fighting knob. This makes the Certate LT 2019 ARK the ultimate in LT (Light and Tough) design. LIGHT The lightness of the reel has been optimised with an ergonomic and minimalistic design, leaving no unnecessary bulk to spare. The body and rotor are more compact and so lighter than ever. All the free space is set aside for the mech. The huge aluminium drive gear fills 85% of the body of this Certate LT ARK. This high-precision cold- and digitally-tooled Tough Digigear boosts the winding smoothness and the toughness of the reel. TOUGH The gain in lightness is paralleled by increased toughness. This has been the task of our Daiwa Japan engineers: stretch as far as possible the gap between weight and strength. The challenge has been met with the birth of the Certate LT 2019. The ARK version offers a round knob designed for heavier work. The fighting knob in perforated alu is incredibly light given its volume and offers exceptional winding smoothness. This maximises the benefit of the new monocoque alu body which guarantees maximal power. The feeling of comfort married with power has never been so strong. The durability of this model has been massively increased. SEALED The Certate LT ARK is protected from water penetration by MagSealed oil. Even when winding, MagSealed oil is held in place by a magnetic field, blocking any penetration of water. The spool axis, pickup roller, bottom of the drive gear – all these vital components are protected by Daiwa MagSealed oil, a protected innovation that is the fruit of years of engineering and hundreds of dosing tests. A resolutely sea-ready reel ready to face up to spray and other corrosive environments.

  • ATD drag
  • Bearings: 10 + 1 inc 10 CRBB
  • Aluminium monocoque body and ZAION Air Rotor
  • LC-ABS (Long Cast) spool
  • Twist Buster II cross-spire line lay
  • Ultralight, unscrewable Air Handle tooled in monobloc aluminium, fighting knob in perforated knob


  • Light
  • Tough| Sealed