The Certate for heavy-duty sea fishing

Hot on the heels of the LT and LT ARK models, the Certate is now available in a SW (Salt Water) version. The Certate has a formidable reputation among anglers and is now a reference point when it comes to compact, powerful, and tough spinning reels. With the arrival of the Certate SW, available from sizes 8000 to 18000, the Certate family is now a complete range with options for all sea fishing situations from bass hunting to big game.

Power and Toughness

As a veritable replacement for the Catalina, the Certate SW comes with a Monocoque body (just like the Saltiga 20). This one-piece aluminium build makes the Certate SW a solid, tough reel. The Monocoque Body comfortable houses the wide Tough Digigear, whose high teeth count delivers a palpable gain in power. A further point in common with the Saltiga 20 is the ATD (Automatic Tournament Drag) which comes with a loud clicker, allowing you to adjust the drag with greater accuracy, not to mention a smoother feel. Pleasure guaranteed!

Light and smooth

Thanks to the ZAION carbon Air Rotor, rotation is smoother, offering a gain in terms of lighness and comfort that will be appreciated by all big game enthusiasts. A Magsealed bearing in the pickup roller as well Magsealed oil around the main axle guarantees protection of the mech against corrosive saline environments. A truly unqiue winding comfort on the retrieve while on the fight, the pickup roller minimises friction so as not to interfere with the progressivity of the ATD drag. 

Fighting knobs

The fast ratio models (the H and XH) feature a soft oval knob which offers high levels of grip and comfort for protracted fights with big specimens. The slow-ratio P models feature a round EVA handle which is particularly well-suited to vertical work.

The Certate SW takes up a position at the perfect mid-point between the Saltiga 20 and the Certate LT 19 as a front-drag reel built for fast, active casting work. Ideal for targeting tuna in European waters or for big game work in the tropics, whether targeting tuna or GT.


  • Loud ATD carbon drag
  • Bearings: 8 + 1 including 1 MagSealed and 1 CRBB
  • Aluminium Monocoque Body and Zaion Air Rotor
  • LC ABS spool
  • Cross-spire line lay
  • Oval knob (X/XH) or round knob (P)
  • One-piece Air Bail
  • G1 duraluminium drive gear


  • Power
  • Accuracy
  • Loud drag