The Coastal SV TW features the latest innovations in the optimisation of casting distance and accuracy. Ideal for cast-and-retrieve sea work, this new generation of Coastals will let you power-fish for hours at a time with greater efficiency. Boasting 7 bearings including 2 corrosion resistant CRBBs. The SV concept and the folding TWS system offer an ultralight spool and precision on the cast and retrieve. This reel uses the latest Tatula Elite technologies as well as anti-corrosive, saltwater resistant CRBB bearings. This size-150 baitcasting reel is ideal for launching small lures out at range. It is the perfect tool for sea lure work, whether you're casting or fishing on the vertical. It can also be used on freshwater for big lure setups.

  • Zaion star drag
  • Bearings : 7 + 1 inc. 2 CRBB
  • Aluminium body and sideplate, slimmer design
  • SV aluminium spool
  • 100mm double perforated Swept Handle
  • Handle on left (for right-hander)


  • Distance
  • Lightness