Slow oscillation carp specialist


New size 45 - Available in september 2019

The Emblem Carp SCW inherits all the toughness and durability the Emblem name carries. It features a size 35 original Daiwa spool - i.e. and oscillation height of 35mm, making it a hybrid of the legendary Emblem X and smaller 25 reels. The lighter weight and high spool capacuty of this 4x4 will tempt carp anglers everywhere. Two 35 spools in complementary sizes are the icing on the cake.

Another key feature of this reel is the Slow CrossWrap line lay. The Emblem SCW guarantees accurate and tighter line lay thanks to this slow oscillation - undoubtedly a question of preference and habit, but many specialists swear by this feature. What's more, this reel has managed to marry slow oscillation with a rapid retrieve: 1.06m of line per turn of the handle!

The QD drag allows you to switch from a baitrunner mode to fighting mode in half a turn of the button. The round HIP spring-mounted line clip allows you to get the bait out to the same spot cast after cast.

  • Quick Drag
  • Bearings : 6 + 1 (except OT reference: 4+1)
  • Polycarbonate body and rotor for more strength without compromising on lightness
  • Aluminium original and spare spools
  • Slow Cross Wrap line lay
  • Foldable aluminium handle
  • Anti-tangle guides on the axis and rotor to prevent line getting caught around the spool
  • HIP metal line clip on cushioner - tough enough to maintain casting accuracy without risking cracking off


  • Slow oscillation
  • Powerful