Specialist surfcasting slow oscillation

The Emblem Light Surf CW is a technical reel developed for light surfcasting setups. This powerful reel benefits from increased protection against the elements and impurities giving it a unique durability. The DS4 body is protected by MagSealed oil which is held in place by a magnetic field to defend against water and impurities even when winding at full speed. Houses 6 bearings including 5 with an anticorrosion treatment. The technical DS4 polycarbonate body offers a notable weight reduction. Supplied with two spools of complementary capacities.

This CW model features a moderate oscillation. The Quick Drag allows you to switch from a free-running spool to a fighting spool in a half-turn of the button. The high-quality, round, spring-loaded HIP line clip allows you to mark the distance and hit the same spot on the next cast.

  • Quick Drag
  • Bearings : 6 + 1 inc 5 CRBBs
  • DS4 polycarbonate body and plates and DS5 carbon rotor
  • Two aluminium spools (one spare). The spare spool has a 300m/0.18mm capacity.
  • Double oscillation line lay
  • Foldable aluminium handle
  • Anti-tangle guides on the axle and rotor to stop line catching under the spool
  • Manual pick-up closure
  • HIP metal line clip with shock absorber - a tough distance marker that won't cause line breakages.


  • Slow oscillation
  • Power