LEXA HD 2019

Marinized and optimised power


The Lexa HD (Heavy Duty) just got tougher! With its 7 marinized CRBBs - which have been given a brand-new grease coating - this stacked reel is the only answer to heavy fishing in salt or freshwater. The drive gear system has been designed to stand up to any challenge. The breathtaking UTD drag system with carbon washers takes up to 10kg! The high-density EVA knobs have been designed to optimise grip on the fight. The all new clutch system has been totally revamped and beefed up. This reel is guaranteed to deliver for all heavy setups, whether you're fishing on the vertical or with jigs, livebaits or big lures.

  • UTD drag technology with carbon discs
  • Bearings : 6 CRBB + 1
  • Aluminium body and sideplate
  • Aluminium spool
  • Double 100mm handle (300 size) and 120mm (400), perforated Swept Handle design with double EVA fighting knobs
  • Total grease coating on bearings, reinforced clutch system


  • Marinized
  • Power
  • Casting Accuracy