N'ZON LT 2020


The N’Zon range is custom-built for feeder work and offers a broad selection of products tailored to the needs and demands of this discipline. The N’Zon LT boasts all the benefits of Daiwa engineering expertise and so represents excellent value for money!

Designed for short to medium range feeder work, N’Zon LT reels feature ratios of 4.7:1 and 4.9:1 to make pulling in big feeders easier and smoother.

To optimize casting performance, the N’Zon LT comes with a Long Cast ABS (LC-ABS) spool, which improves line release and ultimately lets you punch out further. And for those all-important accuracy gains, the spool comes supplied with a line clip.

The One Touch handle folds away in a single click – a crucial feature for feeder anglers.

  • ATD drag, full size button
  • Bearings : 4 + 1
  • DS4 polycarbonate body
  • Aluminium spool
  • CrossWrap line lay
  • Aluminium handle folds away in one click


  • Alu body
  • LT concept