Ideal for fine braid work


The Prorex 2020 PE SV TWS has been developed to face up to the demands of bait finesse work with braid and small lures. Above all it offers an incredible weight saving at just 190g(!), thanks in no small part to its G1 duraluminium spool which weighs in at just 13.5g. The lightness of the spool, its reduced capacity, and the high retrieval speed allows this reel to make light work of casting small lures. The combination of the T-Wing System and SV magnetic braking system technologies make this an incredibly smooth handler, releasing line without jumps or jolts and so without causing tangles. Brings together all the features that allow for casting small lures on fine braid: the perfect tool for perch or bass.

  • UTD drag with SV Concept magnetic brake
  • Bearings : 7 + 1 inc. 1 CRBB
  • Aluminium body and side plate
  • Ultralight G1 duraluminium SV spool
  • Perforated Double Swept Handle



  • Light
  • Casting performance