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RYOGA 2018

Big bait and cranking specialist

The Ryoga has truly set the global benchmark for round-bodied baitcasting reels, offering innovative technology and an unbeatable mech. This 2018 version is a ground-breaking marriage of casting performance and toughness, with features that push it to the very top of the range in terms of big bait reels for pike. The model has already scooped up the Award for the Best Baitcasting reel at the European EFTTEX show. Complete with a MagSealed bearing at the base of the shaft for total protection, this reel is also a reference point in the world sea fishing. Our engineers have honed in on the DR (Detective Rotation) concept, and the body has been reworked for improved grip. This makes the reel more compact at the point of contact with the hand – these improved ergonomics mean more sensitivity and control while fishing. The Ryoga boasts a tough body and digitally tooled side plates in aluminium alloy. The duraluminium G1 spool is 1.3x stronger than standard aluminium – and twice as strong as magnesium. The level of precision engineering employed – to the order of the micron – makes the spool considerably lighter, boosting casting performance. The Magforce Z drag system lets the spool get to work faster, and for longer. The new Hyper Mesh Gear drive gear increases the contact surface of the teeth by 50% for increased smoothness and breathtaking speed on the retrieve.

  • ATD clicker drag technology, magnetic Magforce Z
  • Bearings: 12 + 1 including 1 Magsealed and 11 CRBBs
  • Aluminium body and side plates
  • 36mm ultralight duraluminium G1 spool
  • 90mm double Swept Handle in reinforced aluminium.
  • Accurate fighting clicker drag
  • Handle on left
  • Double stopper system


  • Aluminium round body
  • Tough
  • Long caster