Slow Jigging Specialist

Featuring a waterproof Mag Sealed bearing and an ATD drag system this Saltiga model is the most sophisticated in its class. Cranking back an impressive 1m of line per turn, this reel is perfect for slow jigging in deep water. The low leg on the reel allows you to enclose it in your palm for a very secure hold. Large capacity spool coupled with a powerful, smooth drag keeps you in control of hard fighting fish. The Saltiga 15 HL comes with a quick spool change system and a clicking drag. Every time a fish runs off you can hear the reel clicking and pick up the vibrations in your hand. The SJ model features an off-centre handle for a better grip and to help with "long fall" jerks where the bait is lifted up vertically then slowly lowered back down again. What's more, the handle can be adjusted from 85 to 95mm to fit your hand size perfectly.

  • ATD (Automatic Tournament Drive) drag technology with audible clicker
  • Bearings : 8 + 1 including 7 CRBB and 1 Mag Sealed
  • Body and side plates in single piece aluminium
  • Aluminium spool in silver
  • Aluminium handle with 1 round EVA Power knob, except the SJ model which has a long, ergonomic aluminium handle
  • Handle on left for right-handed cast


  • Power
  • Capacity
  • Ergonomic design