The TATULA SV TW marries two great Daiwa technologies that push casting performance to its maximum! The SV concept dynamically adapts the inertia in the spool to match different lure weights and casting power. As soon as the spool slows down, the magnetic field increases to perfectly control how each lure lands. The ultra-light SV spool coupled with the TWS line guide that changes position when casting and retrieving means this reel will punch out anything from light lures to big swimbaits a long way. The compact aluminium body houses a set of tough gears and a drag mechanism that's more than a match for the biggest pike!

  • ATD drag technology with carbon disks
  • Bearings : 7 + 1 including 2 CRBB
  • Body and side plates in aluminium
  • SV aluminium A7075 ultra-light spool with rapid line release
  • Double 90mm perforated "Swept" handle with oversized high-grip knobs.
  • Magnetic 20-interval drag
  • Air Rotation System for optimum smoothness
  • Handle on left


  • Compact
  • Robust
  • Smooth