The Zillion SV TW represents a veritable technological advance in the Zillion range. A marriage of SV (Super Versatile) and TWS (T-Wing System) technologies designed to optimize line release. Whether you're sinking a micro-lure on the vertical or punching a big bait out at range, the Zillion SV TW has you covered. This 4x4 baitcaster, featuring an aluminium body and side plates, is the perfect match for a number of our baitcasting rods, from the light models up to more powerful blanks (up to a max casting rating of 80g). The 3rd-gen TWS line guide releases the line with minimal friction and at the optimal angle on the cast and descent. From there, it lets the G1 duraluminium SV spool do the talking. Never before has baitcasting felt so easy! The UTD drag features carbon washers putting you in total control against big fish. The Zillion SV TW boasts 8 + 1 bearings including 4 CRBBs.

  • UTD drag with Zaion star button
  • Bearings : 8 + 1 inc. 4 CRBB
  • Aluminium body with Zaion carbon side plates
  • SV ultralight spool with rapid line release system
  • Double 90mm Swept Handle
  • Accurate fighting drag with clicker, light, high-grip knobs each with 2 bearings, handle on left