The 4x4 of the baitcasting world

The Zillion TW HD is a top-of-the-range reel built in answer to the world’s most demanding anglers. The smooth action and all-round versatility make it the perfect tool for situations calling for optimal casting accuracy. The G1 duraluminium spool is made from an innovative alloy that couples lightness and strength. The Zillion TW HD also boasts the TWS system, a line guide technology which reduces friction on the release thereby allowing you to reach out further on each cast! A MagSealed bearing has been placed at the most vulnerable point on the handle to minimise the penetration of impurities and water into the reel. The UTD smoothly absorbs jolts and runs, allowing you to lead a stronger, more accurate fight, made even easier by the double handle with EVA knobs. All in all, the Zillion TW HD has announced itself as one of the smoothest baitcasting reels on the market!

  • UTD drag and MagForce Z magnetic braking system
  • Bearings : 10 + 1 inc. 9 CRBB and 1 Mag Sealed
  • Aluminium body and side plates
  • Ultralight G1 aluminium spool
  • 100mm aluminium double handle
  • High-density EVA knob


  • Versatile
  • Distance casting