SALTIST AGS II Seabass Edition

The Saltist AGS II Seabass Edition marks a turning point in rod technology. The regular-fast action, which has been slightly dampened through the last third, is custom-built for all lure bass work. The SVF Nanoplus carbon optimises the weight and action of the rod. The Micro Pitch unvarnished finish heightens the sensitivity and resonance of the rod. The crowning feature is the fitting of AGS rings, which bring sensitivity to new levels. This is a beastly cocktail of technologies making for the very best rods in the lure world! .

702 H model

A progressive tip action allows you to take control when fighting quality fish under the boat. This builds on the wide experience of its predecessor, the former Saltist SeaBass I, which was used and approved by hundreds of anglers at the Beneteau Barracuda Tour, where Daiwa was the official partner. It’s a real all-terrain rod, adaptable to cast-and-retrieve and vertical styles. In a tightly contested market of 7’ rods, this model comes out on top on account of its unparalleled resonance.


732 MH model

The sensitive action and the “spring” in the butt offer the perfect compromise between sensitivity and big predator taming. Excellent for a small 10-12cm shad with a 21 to 28g loaded head in 12 to 18m of depth – also known as a recipe for big sea bass!

802 H model

A distinctive tip action but more forgiving than its predecessor. This rod is able to take on huge cod and haddock as well as cast lures over 30g for bonito. The length allows high freeboards to be negotiated with ease.

762HXH model

A rod custom-built for punching shads out at range in difficult conditions of high winds or currents. This rod will take punchy casts of 12cm shads fitted with 42g loaded heads for a total weight of 55g. The length and power will also allow you to use traction styles. With its soft, progressive tip, this rod is tailor-made for “elevator” techniques over deep wrecks for big bass and pollack.

962 HXH model

This rod is ideal for casting heavy lures from the shore: plugs up to 13 cm, minnow jigs into the waves and even casting jigs. 902 H model

The incredible bend in the tip and the ultrafast blank are the features of this rod that will allow you to cast 14 to 42g lures to record distances. The build quality of the HVF carbon and the 9 AGS carbon guides offer breathtaking comfort and balance for a rod of this length. Once you’ve held it, you know it has to be yours!

-1002 HXH and 1062 XH models

Here are two models for shore purists! With 3m and 3.2 of length respectively, they will punch out plugs and casting jigs from 14 to 84g. The slightest knock will be instantly transmitted to your arm thanks to the remarkable sensitivity of these rods. The power in the blank allows you to exploit the lever arm to bring quality bass, bonito and mackerel tuna to shore.

  • SVF (Super-high Volume Fibre) Nanoplus carbon blank wrapped using x45 technology
  • V-Joint
  • Daiwa exclusive AGS carbon guides. Under the first guide is a reinforcing layer of carbon which guarantees the base of the guide won't compromise the blank under extreme pressure. Fuji Alconite tip guide.
  • Reel seat: FUJI VSS-KN with customised metal ring in emerald green
  • Regular-fast tip action
  • High density EVA butt cap