A concept rod from the Daiwa lab

Tournament Masterize surfcasting “concept rods” show Daiwa once again at the cutting edge of technology. A full 3DX rod means a hexagonal carbon coating from butt to tip. These futuristic rods boast reversible Fuji Titanium RV guides with ultra-slim rings, simply the best in guide technology from the Japanese manufacturer. The guides are guaranteed to minimize line overruns in all circumstances and held in place with carbon whipping. The same quality goes from the Fuji plate reel seat. The HYBRID tip offers unique bite detection, accentuated by a yellow band at the tip. We’ve already witnessed the excellence of the Tournament Surf Z range, and this Tournament Masterise range is home to rods that earn avant-garde credentials in terms of both components and build.

In Japan, the Masterise name was born by bringing together on-the-ground experience with high computing and material technologies. Sensors attached to the best competitors on the circuit capture data which our engineers run through software to define the needs of anglers on the ground and ultimately produce the perfect blank for casting and striking. The Masterise series is the product of this remarkable collaboration.

  • SVF (Super-high Volume Fiber) Nanoplus carbon blank built using x45 technology and reinforced throughout with 3DX layers
  • V-Joints
  • Fuji Titanium Reverse Guides with ultrafine SiC rings and Fuji K guides on the solid tip
  • Fuji NS-7 Titanium plate reel seat
  • Antislip coating on all parts gripped on the cast. Base of butt curved for more secure hold on technical casts
  • Pronounced tip action with sensitive Daiwa Hybrid tip
  • 100g screw-in butt weight for balance (overall rod weight: 553 g)
  • Butt diameter at reel seat: 19.4mm. Tip diameter: 2 mm