The Tournament SW AGS has reached new heights !

The Tournament SW AGS has reached new heights! The construction has been completely revised to incorporate the cutting-edge technologies developed by Daiwa’s factories. Fitted with AGS carbon guides, the blank is made of the very best Daiwa carbon: SVF Nanoplus. This is a game-changing material, and you feel it straightaway. The rods are lighter and the absence of varnish guarantees total sensitivity.

The rods are not only more communicative, we’ve also slightly softened the tip action to better absorb flicks of the head from bass and to give greater freedom of movement to animated lures. The carbon is layered using x45 technology for greater control on the fight under all angles of compression.

672 M model
-The soft, sensitive tip is ideal for delicate work with small lures. It’s typically suited to dropping 5 to 7g heads through 1 to 3m of water, from a kayak or stand-up paddle board. It can also be used for small plugs (7-9cm) in shallow water. Beyond the tip, the rod hides a surprising power for turning big fish, and is perfectly suited to freshwater predator work (perch, bass and ide).

702 MH model

-A slightly softer tip action than its predecessor. Its sensitivity and lightness make it perfect for bass and wrasse work on the rocks.

702H model

This model was tested and approved by over 300 anglers over four editions of the Barracuda Tour along France’s Atlantic coast. The blank is now even more resonant, allowing optimum bite detection. The rod is perfectly suited to shads and weighted slugs (20-40g) but can also be turned to cast-and-retrieve styles for bass, barracuda or even bonito.

802 H model

This new, softer tipped rod is perfect for cast-and-retrieve shad fishing, traction style but is also ideal for casting jigs for bottom fish such as pollock or sea bass fishing with slugs, shads or light jigs. Used with 0.16mm Daiwa-8 braid, the slightest knock from a depth of up to 40m is transmitted straight to your arm thanks to the carbon guides.

902 H model

An excellent caster for launching plugs and small jigs a long way from shore, getting into those swirls and eddies would otherwise be out of reach. The high butt and long lever arm allow you to work the fish to your advantage.

802 XH and 932 XH models

These powerful rods cast shads and jigs of 28 to 84 g a long way out. Load the butt in order to really exploit the casting potential of this beast – but don’t be surprised by its sensitivity once the lure hits the surface. These two models will pick up on the smallest knock, even in high winds.

1002 HXH and 1062 XH models

These two rods are ideal for hunting fish at long range from rocky coasts or from beaches where you need to cast plugs or shore jigs out to long range.

  • SVF (Super-high Volume Fibre) Nanoplus carbon blank wrapped using x45 technology
  • Spigot V-Joint
  • Daiwa exclusive AGS carbon guides and Fuji Arowana-Top tip guides
  • Daiwa exclusive ergonomic profiled reel seat with customised Fuji screw hood
  • EVA handle
  • Regular-fast tip action
  • Fuji HKM folding metal black lure keeper