Quality Control & Daiwa After Sales Service


  Daiwa was established over 50 years ago and is now a global manufacturer redoubling its efforts to deliver quality control to match the highest demands of anglers around the world. Each key component of our reels, including the drive gear, rotor and body, is subject to a meticulous control process by machine and by hand with micron-precision fine tuning instruments.

Bodies, drive gears, guide whippings and all other components of products bearing the Daiwa logo pass through Daiwa Japan quality control, whether they have been made in our factories in Japan, Thailand or Scotland. The uncompromising bench tests include shocks, corrosion tests using salt spray and extreme temperature tests which alternate exposure to hot and cold temperatures with shock tests at increasing temperature intervals.



Daiwa France offers a quality After Sales Service to all of its distributors. The highly qualified team is able to run rapid repairs on all products in the range, including reels with our latest technologies such as Mag Sealed magnetic protective oil.

Daiwa distributors are the crucial link in this process: contact your provider to request any repair work and they will liaise with other After Sales Service and keep you up to date.