12 braid

12 Braid Technology: Daiwa has invented 12-strand braid

 +strong, + compact, + smooth

Strength + 120%

The traction resistance of our 12-strand braid is 120% that of our 8-strand version. The gains in terms of strength are even more marked compared to a conventional PE 4-strand braid. The perfectly round cross-section of our 12-strand braid offers even lower friction and heightened, long-lasting knot strength.


Sensitivity +130%

The stretch of our 12-strand braid has been reduced by around 130% compared with our 8-strand version. This low stretch diminishes any irregularities on the surface of the braid and heightens its sensitivity. The smoother surface reduces friction against the guides – leaving you with a crystal clear reading of the water.



Lifespan +172%

Our 12-strand braid boasts 172% higher wear resistance than our 8-strand version. Daiwa uses exclusive treatment methods, including UVF (Ultra Volume Fibre) and Evo silicon, which are applied to an ultra-squeezed 12-strand braid. This markedly increases wear resistance.


Casting distance +118%

The coefficient of dynamic friction has been improved by 118% compared to our 8-strand braid. Thanks to the perfectly round cross section and the UVF + Evo silicon treatment, this braid offers seriously low friction, cutting through the wind and gliding through the guides.


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