Mag Sealed

Waterproof - Zero Friction - Increased durability


MAGSEALED oil is a magnetic oil that uses aerospace technology to protect internal reel components and guarantee smooth rotation.

MAGSEALED technology is based on a magnetic oil developed by NASA. This liquid joint was originally used for the internal workings of hard drives – providing dustproofing but not waterproofing. Daiwa engineers took on the challenge of creating a waterproof oil, working to control the intensity of the magnetic force. This took hundreds of trials with adjustments down to micron level! The technology has been tried and tested on the water with the world’s top specialists in each discipline, and it has produced a demonstrable gain in the smoothness of rotation.


Maintenance of your Mag Sealed Reel



The highly technical Mag Sealed oil is stabilised in a magnetic field and as such must not be mixed with any other component, be it an oil, grease or solvent. Do not spray a releasing agent or lubricating oil on a reel with this technology. 

Magsealed oil is held in place by magnetic force and does not degrade over time, thereby improving the smoothness and lifespan of the reel. After each session, you ideally want to rinse the reel with a gentle hose (without a booster) then dry it with a clean rag having spun the handle to shake off any excess water.

There is no need for an annual deep clean. If you’re giving the reel heavy use, especially in saline environments, you can send it to your Daiwa distributor to have the Mag Sealed technology checked by a member of Daiwa’s After Sales Service team

Only Daiwa's After Sales Service has access to the original MagSealed Oil, which is not available for general purchase. Our technicians are trained and qualified to handle reels with this technology. 

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