Magsealed Bearing

Protection and smooth bearing action


MAGSEALED oil is a magnetic oil that uses aerospace technology to protect reel components and guarantee smooth rotation.

The new MAGSEALED bearings have been designed to last longer than ever. The balls are encapsulated in a completely waterproof bearing. The inner and outer rings are magnetised and joined by waterproof and stable MAGSEALED oil. The cage runs smoother and is protected from impurities.

This means that the reel’s initial performance will be indefinitely preserved. The smoothness is beyond comparison to a waterproof industrial bearing: MAGSEALED oil removes the need for a joint, meaning you won’t detect any friction on the wind. 

These MAGSEALED bearings are placed either side of the drive gear in our flagship reels, so you can activate them with the slightest turn of the handle for optimum winding smoothness. The concept has been miniaturised to apply to the roller on some of our reels.

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