Strong - Light - Anticorrosion

Some of Daiwa’s reel bodies and rotors are made from Zaion, an exclusive high-density carbon with anti-corrosion properties that’s both lighter and tougher than magnesium.

Zaion’s engineers set out to build a material that was as tough as metal but as light as carbon. Conventional wisdom holds that an aluminium reel offers toughness while polycarbonate is needed to make a light body and rotor.

ZAION is a fusion of these two qualities. While ordinary carbon is made of nylon 6-6 resin and carbon fibres at 20%, ZAION boasts twice the density of carbon fibres. The result is a unique material that is as strong as magnesium. A ZAION body is 25% lighter than its equivalent in magnesium and 50% lighter than aluminium!

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